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Cure Fears and Phobias
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Hypnosis Audio to help you remove any fear or phobia. Allow the power of hypnosis to help you destroy your fears. All fears and phobias can be removed quickly and easily.

Fear of animals, situations, objects and people.

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Fears and Phobias
A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal.

Phobias are more pronounced than fears. They develop when a person has an exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger about a situation or object.

If a phobia becomes very severe, a person may organise their life around avoiding the thing that's causing them anxiety. As well as restricting their day-to-day life, it can also cause a lot of distress

At Last! A Cure For Fears and Phobias!
There are several types of phobias. The common types of phobias can be divided into ‘simple’ phobias or ‘social’ phobias. Simple phobias mainly include fear of specific types of objects, insects or situations such as the fear of flying. Social phobias includes the types of phobias like marked fear of social or performance situations

Phobias are very common and may sometimes develop in childhood itself. Traumatic events, anxiety or panic causing situations can trigger the onset of a phobia. Symptoms include; sweaty palms, heart racing, shortness of breath, anxiety, sweating, shaking, fear, embarrassment or even passing out.

There are many hundreds of fears and phobias and so if something exists then someone will have a phobia of it.

Individuals literally become ill at the mere thought of being in a certain situation; for these people, making a phone call, ordering and eating food or encountering other seemingly non threatening situations/objects can seem sickening and may cause a full blown panic attack.

Statistics reveal that 95% of all phobias start before the age of 20 and if not treated 17% of social phobias develop into depression and 45% of social phobias lead to Agoraphobia and the fear of having an anxiety attack in public. Nobody needs to have a phobia as it can quickly be removed with hypnosis and yet only about 23% of people actively seek out a treatment for their phobia. I guess you must be in that 23%, so well done.

Now You Can Remove All Fears and Phobias
You can simply remove all your fears and phobias through the power of hypnosis. All phobias and fears can be removed quickly and easily with this hypnosis CD or Hypnosis .MP3 Download. All phobias can be removed for example, fear of mice, fear of heights, fear of snakes, fear of spiders, fear of blood, fear of dogs, fear of flying, fear of public speaking etc.

The Technical Stuff!
The fears and phobias .MP3 Download is 30 minutes in length. The audio contains beautiful relaxing music with an English voice over. The audio can be downloaded instantly and can be played on your computer, .mp3 player, smart phone, tablet or can be transferred to CD.

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The Fears and Phobias MP3 files can be downloaded instantly.
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Audio Information
Play the audio program when you can put your feet up, close your eyes and relax.
Some people will achieve changes the first time they listen to the audio, others will make positive changes in as little as 21 days but some people may use the audio a little longer. The more you use the audio the stronger the change. Once changes have been made they will be permanent as long as the positive mind set remains the same.

“From one extreme to another! I had a complete fear of flying and now thanks to hypnosis I have my own pilots licence.” Steve.

SMARTER Hypnosis
Put your feet up, relax and close your eyes. The relaxing music contains the power of SMARTER Hypnosis which are powerful affirmations delivered by voice at a frequency which is accepted directly into the subconscious mind, making changes instantly.

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