David Knight Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Comedy Stage Hypnotist David Knight has a 35 year professional career and is one of the most popular and in demand Stage Hypnotists around the world. David Knight has performed over 10,000 Hypnosis Stage Shows in 50 counties worldwide hypnotising over 120,000 volunteers.

David Knight TV Hypnotist

David Knight has 18 International TV Credits to his name including being the first ever Hypnotist to perform Hypnosis Live on TV. Productions include, Mesmerised, Big Breakfast, Graham Norton Show, Jerry Halls Kept, BBC Travel Show, and Alien Hand.

Booking The David Knight Hypnosis Show

David Knight is available Internationally for Theatres, Cruise Ships, Corporate and Private Functions. For more information, prices, availability and booking the show please contact us by e-mail or telephone below.

David Knight Master Hypnotist
David Knight Hypnosis Life Coach

UK Mobile: +44 (0) 7721 000999
UK Office: +44 (0) 870 321 2 123

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