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For many people driving is simply not as easy as it should be. It is very easy to build up worries of driving situations which can build into real panic situations. This hypnotic driving confidence CD or MP3 Download will allow you to feel more comfortable behind the wheel and to be more in control of driving situations.

The driving confidence CD or hypnosis MP3 download will help your confidence for passing your driving test and general confidence on motorways, high speed driving along with driving in the rain, under bridges and in confined spaces such as road works and heavy traffic. Suitable for drivers of all ages and experience.

Driving Instructors will tell you that many people fail their driving test not because of lack of technical ability or driving skills but because of anxiety or driving test nerves. Driving Instructors only recommend people taking their exam when they are technically ready. Others pass the test even though it was felt they might not quit be up to scratch technically but they just got it right on the day. Passing the driving test is often as much about confidence and a relaxed, focus approach as anything else.

Driving is an art and so requires knowledge and practise, so we do not recommend that you attempt your driving test without the support of a qualified Driving Instructor. This Hypnosis Audio is that little bit extra that you may require to get you through your test and then continue helping you build your confidence.

The audio also helps feel confident in road congestion, heavy traffic, bridges, rain, motorways, bridges and roadworks.

The Driving Confidence Technical Stuff!
The driving confidence .MP3 Download is 30 minutes in length. The audio contains beautiful relaxing music with an English voice over. The audio can be downloaded instantly and can be played on your computer, .mp3 player, smart phone, tablet or can be transferred to CD.

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Audio Information
Play the driving confidence audio program when you can put your feet up, close your eyes and relax.
Some people will achieve changes the first time they listen to the audio, others will make positive changes in as little as 21 days but some people may use the audio a little longer. The more you use the audio the stronger the change. Once driving confidence changes have been made they will be permanent as long as the mind set remains the same.

“Your Hypnosis Download for Driving Confidence has really helped me feel more comfortable in my driving skills. The confidence it gives me helps me feel more in control when I am behind the wheel. I hated driving on motorways and especially in the rain but now I feel confident enough to drive safely again. Thank you.” Johnathan.

SMARTER Hypnosis
Put your feet up, relax and close your eyes. The relaxing music contains the power of SMARTER Hypnosis which are powerful affirmations delivered by voice at a frequency which is accepted directly into the subconscious mind, making changes instantly.

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