Hypnosis Circle Life Coaching Testimonials

Hypnosis Circle Silver Testimonials

"Sometime you come across something that changes your life and this was one of those moments. The Mind Persuader ebook and audio is just enlightening but then the Facebook support group is just wonderful. Each Month David Knight runs a Video Coaching Zoom and it's just so much fun but just so fascinating. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to build a better future. Thank you David Knight." - Calum

"OMG! The Mind Persuader Silver ebook is life changing. I so wish I had learnt all this stuff 30 years ago! My life would have been completely different. The 3 Silver Mind Persuader Audio's are for Stress, Worrying and the life changing HEAD CLEANER! The Head cleaner is totally amazing! Ive had stuff holding me back for years and the head cleaner simply blasted it away in days. This audio alone is worth the price of the full course. I highly recommend this life coaching program, Thank you so much David Knight." - Martin

"The Silver Hypnosis Circle Coaching Program has been life changing for me. I met David Knight at a Hypnosis Seminar and was totally blown away by his hypnotic skills. I am a busy man and the thing I liked about David's group coaching was that it took very little time from my day and yet the results were fast! Nobody has spare time and this Silver Program took less than 2 hours a week to change my life. No more stress, no more worry and no more overwhelm. The brain fog has cleared! Thank you so much David Knight." - Tony - Australia

Hypnosis Circle Gold Testimonials

"It’s been three years since I was introduced to David Knight and I cannot begin to describe just how grateful I am for all the guidance, encouragement and authenticity he has given me over this time. But I’m going to give it a try! 😁
Being part of this awesome community has quite literally saved my sanity, my marriage and my life. I was at my absolute lowest when I met David, and he asked me a question that at first terrified me. “Are you willing to do the work?” I said yes. And I am so glad that not only did I say it, but I did it. I have my own unique way of approaching personal development and the kindness and patience that David has displayed with me has been a massive contribution to the person that I am today. Don’t get me wrong, at first this was HARD, as I really had to take a look at myself, and I was ashamed of what I found. Nevertheless I’ve dug deep and will continue to do so. Some of my most rewarding epiphanies have been in this group and I am so grateful that I was provided a safe place to truly be myself. It’s rare and it is special.
I have grown so much over the past three years, and especially in the last eighteen months where we were forced into a very uncertain time, this community grew and gained in strength, belief and positivity to bounds that are breathtaking and humbling. When I first came here I was a wreck physically emotionally mentally and spiritually.
David made me understand that you can be given the tools, but it’s up to you to use them correctly. You have to want to do it!
I’m so grateful to you all for turning up every week and giving me a glimpse into your worlds. I will forever be grateful for the amazing connection that this awesome environment provides without fail. I now begin another chapter in my life and search for ways to use my experiences to help empower others. There’s a message in my mess and I hope that it can serve someone who was in the same position that I was not too long ago, to understand that they too can overcome anything when they put their mind to it. And that they are not alone.
From the very, very bottom of my heart I thank you ALL for everything that you bring to the group.
Thank you all, and I wish you all the successes that you set out to achieve."
Thank you. G
🙏 x

"I recently reached out to David Knight for help. Background - health issues with anxiety, panic attacks, frequent illnesses due to a compromised immune system, all exacerbated by the stress being a caregiver for my ageing parents with dementia and Alzheimer’s, while running a successful travel agency (OMG during COVID19!!) and being a wife. David has gently guided me through the hypnosis audios and Zoom meetings to a healthier and stress free mind set. I just love the Mind Persuader Gold Membership and it's changed my life around.
I’ve also purchased several of his audios for health, stress and weight loss. I’m easing off medications and feel happier and healthier than I have in years and it’s barely been 3 months since we have been working together. My doctor and my family have all commented on how much more relaxed and happy I seem. David is there to support you and guide you every step of the way; even when you feel so needy, he is there to encourage you. He is one of the kindest, most giving people I’ve met, and I can’t wait to move forward with my goals for my personal and business lives" Susie A. - USA

"The Gold Hypnosis Circle Coaching Program is life changing. If you want to make changes and you are ready, I would highly recommend this course. Just as you learn something new, boom, David Knight hits you with another life changing chapter. Every month was as exciting as the last and left me hungry for more. I have learned so much about myself and all those around me. To look at my life and how I can change things to be the best version of me. To clear out unwanted junk and self-limiting beliefs from my mind to make way for new beginnings. It was an education, mind blowing, and best of all so much fun! This course comes with support from David Knight and such a great group of likeminded people who are always there to support whenever it’s needed. To sum it up…. A voyage of self-discovery. I loved it! Thank you David Knight for another great program." Wendy (Scotland)

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